Which bicycles is the tent compatible with?
Our tents are designed to adapt to different bike sizes.
We designed the tents targeting gravel and road bike geometry.
All our tents were tested with drop-bar bikes of different manufacturers in frame sizes S (~53cm seat tube) to XL (~61cm seat tube).
While our tents also work with mountain bikes (we tested with 27.5" wheels and 2.8" tires), the wide handlebars can get in the way when lying down..

Can the bicycle tip over?
Once the tent pegs are in the ground, the bike is held firmly in place by the tent.

Is it possible to pitch the tent without a bicycle?
Yes you can use the tents without a bike!
While our tents are not freestanding, we included various attachment points to make it easy to set them up however you like.
The easiest is to either use hiking poles or simply pitch the tent between two trees with a cord.