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No Tent Poles
Just 500g
More Space
For Your Adventures
  • Our Bikepacking Tent has a packing size of an Water Bottle.


    Go further and pack lighter.

    Only 490g for a shelter.
    Just 950g for a full tent setup.

    Don't sacrifice comfort for weight.

  • great adventure tent in a forest


    The outer tent & ground sheet for ultralight adventures.

    Just the inner tent for insect protection.

    Bring only what you realy need.

  • Say no to mosquitos with our lightweight inner tent setup!

    No Tentpoles

    Ditch bulky & heavy tentpoles.

    Pitch your tent over your bike or hiking poles when trekking.

    Streamline your adventure setup.

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  • Perfect companion for an spring adventure
  • Have a great shelter for any adventure
  • Testing the ultra light weight tent at the veneto trail bikepacking Event!
  • Take a small shelter and safespace with you on any adventure
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